Guidelines for Services

These Guidelines were created to assist and support your experience when working with Stephanie Light.

Please note that if these guidelines are not followed, the session can be canceled and rescheduled or if continuous practice of these violations of guidelines can be canceled without refund. 

•Please come to the session on time with an open heart and mind. If you are not familiar with Zoom and need additional support please log on 15-20 minutes early and contact the channel with any questions. 

•Please refrain from follow up questions to other well known channels. They are connected in a sense, but your experience is within the context of each channeling session. 

•Health questions can be asked but do understand we are not a medical professionals and any medical issues should be addressed through a medical professional. We will provide energetic or core reasons behind ailments and sometimes offer suggestions. Please take the information at your own risk.

•If a rescheduling is needed please let the channel know at least 24 hours to avoid any fees. $25 can be applied as a service charge for the channels time. There are situations where emergencies come up and, if this is to occur, fees can be waived for certain situations.

•If there is no call no show, the same rules apply. Service Fee of $25.

•Please note that continuous no call no shows or cancellations not being 24 hours in advance with a occurrence of 3 times will be documented and no further appointments will be made with the channel. 

•When scheduling the session, please wait for confirmation from the channel with a proper Zoom link to avoid any potential technological scheduling confusion. 

•If you aren’t satisfied or happy with the interaction, please let the channel know and we will address different options. 

•Most importantly have fun and experience the interaction as a form of contact, because this is essentially what it is.

Thank you so much for your beautiful time and attention.

I appreciate every single one of you and love you unconditionally as my brothers and sisters.