• Stephanie Light

Amelia and the Toad ( A Expansive Children’s Story) written by Stephanie Light

Amelia and the toad

Amelia is an early riser and early riser she is.

She hops from her bed, brushes her teeth and makes her way down stairs to the kitchen.

Abuela was cooking some fresh biscuits in the oven and she could smell the eggs on the stove.

Amelia had a mission today and could not be distracted. She sat down on the stool to eat a biscuit and some fruit that was laid out for her.

She looked over at Abuela and mom holding her baby brother and asked,” do you know where I can find god?”

They chuckled as this was very common for little Amelia’s curiosity.

She is always looking for answers.

“No, they replied, but maybe you could find god out in the town or in the forest”.

They smiled while she finished her last bite and headed to the door. Abuela was already packing her a snack for the journey and reminded her to be home before sundown.

Amelia quickly raced for the door and headed on her way.

She wondered where she could find such magic and headed into town.

She stopped by the bakery and asked the baker, “have you seen god? Where can I find god?”

The baker shrugged his shoulders and pointed towards the church.

Amelia went on her way towards the church but the door was locked. She peeked through the windows and noticed no one was in there.

She kept trotting along the cobblestone road skipping in excitement as she came across an alley cat chewing in the garbage can.

“Do you know where I can find god alley cat?” The sinister cat smiled and said ,”yes if you offer me your snack.”

Amelia handed over the snack to the cat and he raced off without telling her anything.

She ran after the cat as fast as she could while he disappeared into the forest.

She was heading this way anyway, she thought and started looking around for any sign of animal activity.

She notices a blue bird in the tree and stops to ask the blue bird about god.

The blue bird tweeted away and flew towards the hare's lair.

The hare was chewing on a carrot and looked up at the little girl.

Her two big brown ears peering down at her. Quickly the hare hid the carrots from the little girl in fear she was going to take them.

She knelt at her level and told the hare she doesn’t want to take anything from her.

She is looking for god.

The hare stopped in amazement and said, “I can take you to a friend of the forest that knows of a fellow who has seen god.”

Excitement built up again in Amelia and she said, “come on let’s go! I only have until sundown!”

They hopped off deeper into the forest to find the anteater who has a friend that has seen god.

As they were hopping Amelia tripped on a rock and fell flat on her face.

She lost her awareness and fell asleep. She was awakened by a drop of water hitting her forehead followed by another and then another.

“Hurry child so you don’t get rained on!”, she heard a small voice say.

She looked up at the sky and recognized that it must have been a little after noon.

She turned to find the voice but could not see whom it was.

“Down here!”, the voice continued.

As she looked again, she noticed a small toad in the bottom of the tree truck hopping around croaking.

“But how?!”, she exclaimed,”I am too big to fit into that small hole.”

She looked away and back again. The hole appeared larger somehow. It was large enough to crawl in!

She made a dash for it to avoid getting soaked.

As she managed to push through the hole in the tree truck, she realized this hole opened into a much bigger space.

It was one of the most beautiful spaces she had ever been in. It was crystalline white gleaming in every corner. “Wow!”,she cried,” this is beautiful.” As she looked even more she saw gold encrusted jewels everywhere. “Is this your home?”

“Yes child and what brings you to this part of the forest?”

“Oh I forgot since I fell down what I was doing here.

Thank you for reminding me.”

“I am looking for god and I’ve been on a journey all day. The baker didn’t know, the church was closed, the alley cat tricked me, and I lost the hare that was taking me to a friend that knew a fellow that has seen god. I have to see god before sundown.”

“What am I going to do,she cried.” Tears rolled down her cheeks in disappointment.

“Hush hush child, I have heard of this being you call god.

I can show you.”

“Would you like to see?”

She stopped mid-cry and looked up with a smile


“Wipe your tears and I will be right back.”

She wiped her tears and waited a few moments while the toad went deeper into the trunk.

When he returned wearing a white cloak covering his body and head holding a golden key, she screamed, “I knew it! You are god! Am I dreaming?”

“No child my name is Delta, and I am going to show you who god is. I am not god.

I am going to turn this magical key three times and a door will open before you.

You must be ready and willing to walk through this door alone.

Are you ready?!?”

Amelia did 3 deep breaths and replied, “yes”

The toad turned the key once and the tree began to shake.

She wasn’t sure what was happening as she held onto the side.

The toad turned the magical key a second time and a golden door started to appear in the mist. She was left in amazement staring at the site of this interesting new item before her eyes.

The toad turned the key a third time and the door appeared and opened. She looked at the opening and looked back at the toad uncertain if she was ready. The toad gave her a slight loving nudge and she walked forward into the door.

As she walked through the door, she felt this misty breeze but felt the love of her family even her baby brother.

As she walked through the mist, she saw a mirror. The mirror showed her reflection. She could still see beyond the door into the toads home and said, “this isn’t god, this is me. Did you trick me?”

The toad used his key to point at the mirror. “Look again child look!”

She peered at the mirror again and at her reflection. As she looked again she could see swirling patterns of light and what seemed to be energy. In her heart, she could see a magical key. He pointed to the magical key and said,”child, you are god. You are part of creation. You can do or be anyone you would like. You can feel any way you want to feel. You create your own world, your own life, and your own reality.”

After Amelia allowed this new-found excitement sink in she returned to the tree. In a state of awe and happiness she thanked Delta with a big hug. And told him she was sorry she didn’t have anything to offer since the sinister alley cat tricked her into giving her snack away.

Delta told her to come and visit again soon.

He Opened the hole to make it wider for Amelia. As she crawled out she noticed the rain had stopped, but the sun was going down.

It was time to return home for dinner.

As she finished her goodbyes, she dashed home in excitement.

Amelia made it home just in time for dinner and sun down.

Abuela stopped her at the door as she noticed how dirty she had gotten. Amelia took her boots off and jacket she was wearing to sit down to eat.

“Now Amelia tell us did you find god today?”

Amelia smiled holding fork in hand, “yes I did

Let me tell you all about it.”

The end

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