• Stephanie Light

Invasion of The Body Snatchers

Parasites are a real thing that take space in a humans body. Through my journey I have discovered from an energy standpoint how these critters wreak havoc in the body, immune system, gut, internal organs, and even the mind.

The interesting thing about this, they are first created in the mind, our beliefs and consistent giving our power away until we can manifest our body being invaded by these organisms.

Most people ( I am not going to get into exact statistics because does it really matter?) have some form of parasites in their body.

People in the world are overweight, fatigued, stressed, and have little to no willpower. These creatures invade the body, mind, and create the illusion that you have no power.

When in fact, you always have power. It is your body, your mind, and didn’t you attract these vibrationally in the first place?

How do we move into a place where we are not experiencing these manifestations? Well first an physical detox, an emotional, and energetic as these are all tied into this experience.

Do you think that if you had all of your power ( I will explain what I mean by this in just a moment) and you were not giving it away that you’d have the experience of the body being invaded?

No, because how could we have the experience of something controlling our bodies, if we didn’t have the belief that we are not empowered.

What does it mean to give your power away?

Here are some examples that I have discovered within my own behavior patterns over the years,

1. Believing that something, someone else, and circumstances have power over you, your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors even from past situations.

2. Negative thinking about your body

3. Negative habitual patterns such as addictions( these can be food, drugs, alcohol, sex, tobacco etc.), not listening to your truth, or putting yourself through intense stress (whether this is physical or emotional)

As you all know, there are many other ways we can choose to have the experience that we are not able to be in our power.

Power does not mean that you have superiority, it just means that you have the ability to choose how you think, act, respond, or express yourself. Even under the illusion that you cannot, you always have a choice to how you perceive situations and respond, if at the very least. Not doing anything at all is still a choice. When you understand this, many things change.

For me personally, I spent years blaming others and circumstances for the way I felt or even acted even from my past.

I walked around believing that I could not do this because I didn’t have enough money or I couldn’t be this way because others would not like me or even being angry at someone for hurting me. All the while, I was choosing to give my power away. It is not to say that what happened to you or what is happening to you is okay, but to take what it is that has or is happening and choose a different approach other than blame or powerlessness.

If you are having the manifestation of dis-ease, you can still take action to create a better environment in your mind and body even still experiencing the illness.

By simply taking note of your behaviors, beliefs, and feelings, you are already taking one percent of empowerment towards a better circumstances.

Parasites are only one type of manifestation of the illusion of powerlessness, there are many others.

I wanted to share this perspective with all of you, because I do feel that one way the entire collective will shift is by the awareness of self empowerment.

It doesn’t matter how much of a challenge your current situation is, how much money you have in your bank account, or even what health challenges you maybe facing, by knowing you are truly powerful despite how tired you are, you can shift miracles.

I BELIEVE in you, and not because I have to.

I BELIEVE in you, because source believes in you. We are all beautiful extensions of each other, and when we see this empowerment in others, we also see it in ourselves.

Have a beautiful and magical day!

Sending lots of love on this beautiful journey.

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