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Kind Girls

Kind Girls

So I am sure most of you heard of the movie “Mean Girls”.

This blog post is very different than the movie ahaha.

The inspiration from this post comes from somewhere deep inside of me. The story and how it has helped shape some of the most beautiful aspects.

So what is a kind girl? What does this even mean?

For me it is basically a metaphor or movement to inspire other males and females to treat each other with empowering, loving, and compassionate energies. This blog is focused on my personal journey and transformation in hopes others can share, relate, and become inspired whether you are male or female.

Please understand the term kind girls is just a term for the metaphor or movement I will be shedding some light on.

It all started in 1st grade, I was so excited to no longer be in the little red school house. This little red school house that I went to school just housed kindergarten.

I noticed that one of my fellow students had a pretty dress on in which I actually had the pants version.

I was always so radiant and excited to meet new friends. As I complimented her on her dress and made a comment about how I had the same outfit, her reply, “eww so what”.

Not even a thank you or wow that’s so nice etc etc. As an innocent kind hearted child, this hurt my feelings but I picked up and carried on.

Throughout elementary, junior high, and high school I always seemed to have encountered bullies, frenemies, and just plain mean girls. Please note in my personal journey, the boys weren’t really mean it was the females. Now every person has a different story so there is no sexism in this.

Throughout our history, we as humans have experienced so much separation, cynicism, and competition.

It was a few years ago ( maybe more) that I had to have sit down with my daughter about bullies, and the concept of mean girls/boys.

There was a young teen who was bullied so bad on social media from her peers at school that she took her own life.

My daughter was in tears because she couldn’t even fathom this idea. I had to speak to her about this, because It is very real. She needed to know that she can turn to someone she trusts to talk about this type of behavior if it were ever to happen in her life.

This story about this young teen is more common than many realize. Now it isn’t the other childrens’ fault, but certainly things could have been different.

I have had to integrate many things about my appearance and come to peace with the idea that these other girls were experiencing deep insecurities and pain within themselves ( maybe even pain that wasn’t theirs but the parents pain).

Imagine if we lived in a world where we could truly be who we are, express our deepest desires, and really embody the uniqueness that each and everyone of us are.

In that reality, we empower and support each other no matter how different the other person is. The shame in authentic expression has created so much separation amongst cultures whether it is social class, ethnicity, race, religion, or sex orientation. We must discover this harmony within ourselves. We must really see how special and unique we are.

By embracing our beauty, amazingness, and uniqueness, we can begin to shine so bright that others will see how beautiful it is to really accept yourself.

Now I am not saying this will change over night, but I encourage you to really accept and love yourself. Regardless of what the social norm is on how people view beauty.

So many of you want to help people see their inner beauty, and this is the most powerful way is to shine your light so bright.

This creates a world of true authenticity and acceptance when you accept yourself.

This acceptance of self gives you the security to see the same beauty in others and be able to really encourage their own self empowerment.

So you say you want the world to change?

So you say you want peace and harmony?

This begins with one small step, and that is making peace , harmony, and love a major recognition within yourself.

What has made this metaphor of mean girls or mean boys?

The unwillingness to take responsibility for the way you see yourself, and this behavior projects the distorted image of how you see yourself.

I say distorted because you are SO perfect as you are.


I don’t know YOU but I do know that you are perfect.

We are all perfect. For others that don’t see your perfection, you are not in the same alignment, and that’s okay because there are SO many others that can see your perfection.

Most importantly, you SEE it from the highest perspective but the ego mind doubts this perfection.

Over time if you allow, you will see it fully and embody this.

I love you

Peace and Harmony

You are a beautiful perfect infinite creation.

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