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Stephanie Light

Updated: Apr 22

My Name is Stephanie Charbonneau AKA Stephanie Light. I have been channeling 20 years in various different ways. I was always a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and was able to see and perceive outside of my physical reality since I can remember. I used to be afraid of everything, because spirits and beings would try to communicate with me.

They were not shy lol.

I became interested in the metaphysical arts at a young so I dabbled and became more intrigued by the Occult.

Growing up in a strict catholic household, this was blasphemy.

I continued to be intrigued and continued to learn about my version of religion and what it actually means to me.

Being a HSP and not being aware of my full power (as many of you are just as powerful) I attracted many different types of entities communicating to me in many ways.

I first began with Automatic Writing during a major spiritual awakening that took place. During this time my awareness of non physical beings became amplified, my parents thought I was having a psychotic breakdown when in reality my crown chakra was blossoming.

I made predictions, and said things that no one believed.

To this day my mother can attest this, those predictions and things I had said are very real in our society today.

After some time, I began to consciously channel during conversations with friends and loved ones.

I was giving advice on topics that I really didn’t know much about and not experienced firsthand.

It was after giving advice to an aunt about her divorce that really opened my eyes to the knowing that I was indeed channeling some form of energy from somewhere.

After my life began to become more adult like (as society identifies it) having a child, getting married, buying a house, and focusing on my studies and career, I kinda took a break from the occult studies.

I still knew and was capable of tapping in, but I didn’t consciously pursue this path.

Although it was part of my excitement, I didn’t do much with it.

After another spiritual awakening, I recognized I was here to do much more than live a standard American dream.

I craved more than what I was doing and what I had. I knew I was a light bringer, messenger, and I was meant to be apart of a major change in our world.

After a falling out and a redirection, I left my marriage still looking for that truth beyond what I was here to do.

I played around a little bit with being single, experiencing my life, and being with friends. Then over some time I was redirected back to my metaphysical studies which brought me deep into the shamanic path and into trance channeling.

I was watching and listening to major trance channels such as Abraham Hicks and Bashar which opened my heart and spirit into an awareness of ETs.

Understanding and working with sacred plant medicines, I was shown many things about myself including my ET and Lemurian connections.

I was told that I was an ambassador to help support earth in the time of contact.

I felt empowered and so excited about this idea, My true excitement was to help people rediscover who they truly are with the use of plant medicines and the occult.

I began going to trance channel practice groups locally, and began to become more open and interested in contact through channeling.

One day in my bedroom, my partner and I were practicing our channeling, and I made a conscious choice to fully let go just to see what was going to happen.

I was already conscious channeling, and I was already able to trance channel by closing my eyes and tapping in.

My trance channeling needed a little bit of work I thought, because I was comparing myself to other channels.

I was forcing the connection and was too much in my mind trying to control how I would appear.

THE MOMENT I CHOSE TO LET GO AND FLOW, is when I discovered my true ability to trance channel.

Just so all of you know, if you are intrigued by channeling, you most certainly can do it too.

It was that day that I went deep and discovered many things about myself including my Essassani counterpart named Si Si.

It was that moment we decided to continue our work together in helping humanity shift into a reality where contact is not only possible but is already happening.

So what now? My partner Delta and I have made a choice to begin our work to create a center in the future to help support those who are ready and willing to live in a world of contact.

With use of many shamanic practices and guidance from Si Si and many other beings that I channel (yes I can channel any being and so can you) we will create retreats to assist in transforming the reality for those who are interested in this type of earth.

The major component I love to share with others is that when you become self empowered you recognize you are the creator of your reality by taking the bull by the horns you get to decide YOUR version of earth.

By stepping into our true power of unconditional love, we can begin to shift our entire collective.

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