• Stephanie Light

Suffering in Silence

I spent years pretending to be alright, because I couldn’t fathom the idea of failing. All the while I was suffering in silence. Depression subdued me in the most subtlest of ways, and I used short term relief to push me into a place of comfort.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because there are some of you even reading this that are experiencing just this expression. We have become accustomed to the idea that we aren’t spiritual enough, good enough, or we hear we will be looked down upon.

You aren’t alone in this journey. There is so much happening in the world and no matter what the reasons are for keeping it all inside feeling like you have to walk this journey alone, someone is experiencing the exact same thing.

Why use short term reliefs? And what are short term reliefs?

People use short term relief as a way to cope in the moment, in other words, the hole (or illusion of a hole) is feeling like it is being filled up, You experience relief in the moment to shut that noise up.

The noise you are hearing or feeling is your inner being guiding you that something is out of alignment. This may be a belief or an experience you are currently engaging in that has long past it’s expiration date( whether it’s a career, geographical location, relationship/friendship or even a behavior/habit.)

By understanding this builtin mechanism, you can begin to observe things that are out of alignment for you. Remember when we learned about the formula as it is the complete kit?

Well this is the same except the other way around. When you feel ecstatic or excited about something and act on this, this drives the engine of the higher self and it’s integration.

Suffering in silence doesn’t necessarily serve your greater good, because it also wrecks havoc on your nervous system and adrenal glands. Stress and it’s effects on the body have long been studied, and we can naturally see the changes in the body when under severe stress. Once the adrenal glands become fatigued or overworked, it can feel like a nightmare to bring the body back into its sharp, emotionally stable, and reasonable self.

When did I discover that I no longer needed to suffer in silence? When I chose to set myself free of this ego trap I subscribed to.

We are having a human experience which means we have human emotions. These emotions can be used as a tool to support and guide us. Taking a peek into the definitions and beliefs you are choosing to hold on to will help clear up any confusion when engaging with the internal compass. We adapt to situations and circumstances to give us a clear picture on what danger looks like. If we experience a traumatic event as a child, we are more likely to hold a definition about the experience. This definition can be subconscious and we create an experience when we are in similar situations that causes an emotional and nervous system response.

One example of this is consider a child going to the amusement park and going on a ride. Maybe the ride had a malfunction and stopped while sitting in midair. Now as an adult amusement parks can be quite scary and so are heights, because the situation generated a warning sign of these types of experiences.As an adult you may decide to never visit an amusement park or take part in the ride due to this fear that has been internalized as a warning.

When we look into these beliefs and definitions, we free ourselves from these types of limitations and recognize these no longer work for us. As an adult say you want to enjoy the amusement park with your friends and ride the rides, but now you feel limited. Reviewing these definitions can help set you free.

Remember that you aren’t alone in any of this, and that there is so much love and support at your fingertips.

Reach out to someone today, tomorrow, and the next day just to let them know you are there to listen.

Lastly, if you ever feel so down that nothing is worth living for, please reach out to the suicide hotline or speak to a trusted friend( and Don’t feel Guilty!) More people experience this more than you can imagine

As always I am here, SiSi is here, and we are willing to support you in your time of need.

Many love and blessings sending to you along this journey

You are loved

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