About Me 

My name is Stephanie Charbonneau AKA Stephanie Light. 

I am a trance channel and self empowerment coach.

I am paving the way by providing galactic messages to mankind with a being I channel by the name of Si Si.

I have been channeling for 20 years.

In those 20 years, I began with automatic writing, moved into conscious channeling, light language, and now a trance channel. 

Throughout the course of my life, I have always been aware.

I’ve taught multiple classes, workshops, and carried many one on one sessions. 

I am soul excited to be able to share this space with all of you.

Down below you will find links to services, contact information, and my blog.

My blog that I have recently started goes more in-depth of my journeys in this reality whether this is my channeling story, insights and inner thoughts on a wide variety of topics, and permission slips you can use in your daily life that has helped me along my path.

I am always happy to hear from you. 

Thank you beautiful cosmic being for taking a walk in this heart opening journey. 



Thank You for the continued support. I appreciate each and everyone of you for checking out my website and blog. This blog has been designed to let you in on my life, transformations, and journey. This information has been laid out for you to learn more about me and my journey, but please take everything that resonates with you that maybe helpful for you along your way.




Channeling Session 

In the 1 hour ($155) or 30 minute ($77)channeling session, you have the opportunity to receive coaching from Si Si, ask any question you are excited about, interact with the extraterrestrial being, or a combination of all in the custom channeling session. The time is all yours. 


Instructional Channeling Program 

In this custom learn how to channel program, you have it all. 9 hour one on one channeling sessions designed to help you become an advanced channel. Through instructions, guided meditations, custom guidance, activities, and practice sessions, you will be diving in deep to experience your true channeling power.This is for someone who is serious about learning how to channel and willing to make this a key focus in their journey of evolution. Not sure if this is right for you? Follow the link below to send me a message, and we can chat. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about the program, channeling, and even to schedule a payment plan. ($1111 for Entire Program)


Learn how to Channel Prerecorded Package

In this 7 video prerecorded instructional package, you will learn the basics of channeling, use guided meditations including an activation, and activities to help cultivate the inner awareness of channeling.This package includes custom 2 instructional one on ones to help guide you to move deeper into channeling. Please contact me below for more information or to get started on this magical journey. ($250)


Galactic Activated Oils

We have four oils available for purchase. All Brewed and Activated with Galactic Channeling..We have love, third eye, throat, and Starseed activation oil. All are floral blends with a base of coconut oil.Please contact me for more information below. ($15)


Chakra Program

In this program, we dive into each of the 7 chakras in the energetic body. Each Chakra has an energetic, physical, and emotional property. During a 30 minute consultation, we discover which areas on your chakra body needs additional support in clearing and strengthening. We follow up with 7 hour one on one sessions scheduled weekly or biweekly. Each session, we work on one of the chakras beginning at the root and working our way up to crown. During the time between sessions there activities, meditations, journaling entries for the specific chakra that we worked on during the previous week. This is a magical transforming journey! You will have access to me at all times to discuss anything that may come up or if you have questions. The benefits for rebalancing your chakra system are an entire sense of peace, Heath/Well-being, and being in your true power. It is truly a life changing experience! If you have any questions about this program or have already chosen to move forward, please click on the link to contact me to set up our consultation. Please note this program is a commitment and your consistent willingness to show up is essential in rebalancing and clearing these chakras. 
($1111 for Entire Program)



We are excited to announce our Patreon! This is a fun exciting way to experience more channeled videos. I do weekly poll picks where YOU get to choose which topics that will be channeled whether this is Si Si, Interstellar Alliance, Elan or any other beings with activations, hot topics, guided meditations and so main more! I upload 2-3 videos weekly. Each month we do a public transmission that opens it up for Patreon members to ask up to 2 questions that will be answered. (This is to give back to our Patreon members and is only for all Patreon members). In some cases these public transmission are live, but we also do upload them as premiers. In our Patreon, we have different tiered options that you can review more in-depth below. Just to give you a few options from our higher tiers include, channeling one on ones, access to all live and previous workshops, and discounts. 


Cosmic Money Workshop (Previous Recorded Workshop) 

This recorded workshop is one of our live workshops that we had done. In this workshop, we look deeper into manifesting money and our relationship to money. The steps on really being clear on what it is you want, giving it a reason to show, looking at beliefs, and allowing the money to flow to you. This is partially trance channeled and consciously channeled. Please contact me below to purchase this workshop or to inquire about future ones. ($77 for Cosmic Money Workshop but pricing per workshop varies)


Heartfelt  Donation 

If you just want to support our cause, you can donate from the heart. As we are always open to receive, I have attached the link below to send a donation. These donations help with preparing to get ourselves ready for the contact center, better equipment to create more clear videos, and also gives us the opportunity to reach out more in different communities. 


Follow me 

I am soul excited to be apart of your heart opening journey. Down below you will find ways to follow my channeled material, interact with those in the community, and have direct communication with me. 
I am so appreciative for all of the support and your willingness to be receptive to all the information that I share. 

Thanks for submitting!


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