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Every Successful Woman has a Strong Supportive Man holding her Hand

I just wanted to start this blog post with a quick note. Most of you reading this know me and know Delta pretty well.

For those of you who don’t, Delta is my partner. I wanted to take a few moments of infinite gratitude for Delta along this channeling journey and tell you a little of our story. He has helped so much, and many of you that are not familiar with Delta don’t know how much of the background work he does.

Before we started, We stumbled across different types of Channelers and Channeling groups (he has followed many over the of years while I had followed maybe a handful).

We began going locally to a practice channeling group (in Dallas) in which we had the opportunity to be in a channeling practice seat.

This gave us a chance to dive into trance channeling. As I mentioned before, at first it seemed really challenging since I was trying so hard. Mind you, I had already been conscious channeling, psychic mediumship work, and automatic writing so this should have been easy.

At first made several connections, but they never seemed stream lined and clear ( it was obvious I was trying too hard)

Delta kept encouraging me every time and reminded me of my abilities. Then one day practicing at home; I went super deep. From there it was a breeze, but I had to allow and stop trying to force the connection since this disrupts the flow.

The amazing thing was in this journey, he always believed in me. He is really the man behind all of this work.

He gives me ideas for workshops, helps with transmissions, encourages me every day, and just all around the most beautiful support I could ever ask for.

When I started this journey, I had no idea that we would get to this place. I really appreciate each and every single one of you for showing up, being receptive, and tuning into all the workshops, classes, and videos. It really does help hold the sacred space so well.

After we began practicing, we never stopped.

Delta is an amazing healer. He had been channeling shamanic energies for years, and now he just added trance channeling to the mix. No, he doesn’t have his own channel or anything like that but perhaps in the future.

He has helped so many over the years even before I met him.

He is what you could call a gentle warrior. Having served in the Marines and being deployed quite a few times, he can understand and relate to others on a very deep level.

He has healed his own wounds, and he still is going strong.

We have created the most sacred healing space when we held in person shamanic ceremonies, and his loving and nurturing energy had a lot to do with this.

We are both so grateful to be in this experience together and of course to have all of you part of this collective.

I believe in all of you who feel inspired by this small tale, but this really wasn’t a in-depth story about my channeling journey. I wanted to really shout out just how grateful I am to have such a beautiful warm soul by my side supporting me through this channeling adventure.

I also wanted to highlight all of the support he has been doing.

In my hopes for you reading this, you will feel inspired just the same to know that when you are excited about something just relax and allow. The rest will always take care of itself.

I spent many years wanting to do exactly what I am doing today with the type of man I am doing it with now. I event spent years stressing about it.

It wasn’t until I decided to let go and allow was when everything fell into place. There are still many things that are still unfolding in this story, but I am enjoying the journey, having fun, and allowing.

Thank you Everyone for taking the time to read this appreciation blog post. It means the world to me.

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