• Stephanie Light

Hello from the Sacred Womb

This title maybe deceiving as many of you reading this maybe wondering if I am with child, and the answer to this is no.

I am not a mother to be although I do have a 13 year old going on 20.

I write this piece with absolute passion for those who are carrying a child, those children recently born, the ones waiting in the wings, and the adults who have felt the effects of the mothers’ experiences.

It is quite fascinating how a mother and child bond from the womb space. We eat the same things, feel the same things, and even have the same bodily functions.

Do you ever stop and wonder if what you think or feel travels to the unborn child or womb space? Logically, you would think with an expanded consciousness, yes because everything is energy. Do we really know the effects of this exchange on the unborn child’s life and future as they grow to be an adult?

The answer is no, sure there are studies and books out there to support different theories.None in which I will refer to here since this blog is about my life and channeled material from my guides and my higher self.

I am one of those adults. Although my mother didn’t realize when she was under stress, anxiety, over run with negative thoughts and unhealthy self destructive patterns, she was having a direct effect on me. As a child,

I was always bright, full of sunshine, and loving towards my parents and peers. I never felt this feeling in a conscious way. As I got older, I began attracting from a vibrational point this mirrored supporting mechanism that I don’t belong here or that I am unwanted. When I tell this story, I am not meaning to put my mother down or make her feel bad about this situation. Obviously I had come into this family, into this body, and into this experience for a purpose.

We are all co-creators and everything here is connected to assist our expansion.

Through my journey of suicide attempts, feeling off balance, and simply that I did not belong , I realized something in this madness.

Not only do I belong (because creator does not make mistakes), but I have a deep message to share with humanity about self love, self preservation, and empowerment.

I can’t tell you how many times I was in friendships and relationships where I felt a deep emptiness. I could not fill this void. It was insatiable. My worth depended on how others saw me and treated me, and it never seemed to be fulfilled. It wasn’t until I recognized my deep connection to source, listened in to these feelings, and brought it forward into my experience is when I knew just how worthy and special I was.

Many women who are pregnant do experience different contrasts within themselves whether this is the changes of becoming a mother, challenges in relationship with the father, or feeing the love within themselves.

I call out to you to become more aware of your thoughts and beliefs, your diet, and your habitual patterns. Many of these children being born into this generation are highly sensitive, and they may not be aware that they are practicing a certain vibration passed on from the womb until they are adults.

This is a call to action post, an awareness for all to see, and a great compassion for those who have experienced this first hand.

These children are our future, and they have so much beautiful wisdom they will pass on. They will be ambassadors and share the truth of humanity more in-depth.

They have the key to unlock the door to the new world.

Walk with this openness in your heart, and remember that we are all one in this.

We are all extensions of source energy, unique and beautiful as we are.

No one or nothing can take that away only if we allow the illusion to persist.

If we want a new world, we have to live in this world. What I mean by that is, we have to act, think, and feel these compassionate peaceful energies.

Thank you for witnessing this post.

Thank you for opening your heart and listening.



(PS. This is certainly the beginning for more to share on this topic as a book is brewing.. stay tuned)

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