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Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

As we evolve, so does our bodies. The consistent shifting of the earth and the collective.

So much research is out there about what to eat, how much, and how often. In one sense we have turned into this diet crazed world, but in another sense we are ignoring our bodies and the responses are bodies are reacting to what we put in our bodies.

Now I am sure you have heard this before ( not sure who originally stated this) “Food is Medicine”.

What does that mean? Does it mean we eat certain foods when we are sick to cure? Or do we choose the foods for our bodies and beliefs? The answer can be both in some situations depending on what YOU are personally going through.

I am not a medical professional or nutritionist by any means. I only know what has been shared with me through my guides, my own research, and my personal experiences. I see it as a why you transform and evolve.

Yes in some cases, the information about how much, how often, and what you eat can be helpful as tools or permission slips but remember it isn’t all about one size fits all. Depending on your current belief system, and your body’s current state.

Yes vibration in everything, but remember our beliefs create what’s in our vibrational field. For example, if I am trying to go plant based because of research and seeing others successes in their health, but I don’t believe that plant based is sustainable than I am going to create a situation where I may not get all nutrients I need. It is those individuals who are thriving plant based because they didn’t not have any the belief that supports their inability to thrive.

From my own personal awareness, it is not only what we choose to consume but also how we feel about what we put in our bodies ( going back to our belief system), how we feel about our bodies in general, and how we feel about our personal relationship to the physical reality.

I have a story to share about my mother. Bless her heart in this example, do know that I love my mother with all of my heart unconditionally as I write this. She told me today she wants to be a martyr, well here she goes.

My mother has always lived her life under someone else’s scrutiny. Always trying to change everyone’s life by making them happy including morphing and changing herself to fit into boxes.

This started at a young age as experiencing much contrast at home. The anger in her grew, the resentment grew towards her parents as she got older.

Then as she left her parents and married my dad, she experienced more contrast with a toxic codependent relationship (obviously she attracted this through her vibration reality).

She prayed and prayed for help with the current circumstances. She was not able to be a mother in the sense that you would imagine one to be. She was under stress all the time. This stress she mainly put upon herself trying to make my father happy but her personal needs festered.

This came about on many different types of experiences. The fighting with my dad was a consistent intense space with the instability of physical reality.

She suffered from eating disorders, low self esteem, depression, and anxiety. She wanted to have so much more in her life, but she didn’t believe that she was able to do this. She waited and waited for her reality to change without taking into account that she needed to change first.

She still struggles with these concepts even today.

Over the course the time experiencing so much stress and resistance, she developed many different health problems. These Heath problems continued to grow as she reached out to the western medicine taking pill after pill.

In this experience, she also was stricken with poverty. She did not work due to her medical conditions and belief structure of not being good enough. She chose a diet of American standard and ate whatever she could afford. The way she thought of herself, her food, and her reality. This made the situation even worse.

As she got older her mental health became worsened, and she continued to carry the resistance of her circumstances being a heavy burden.

She felt she was victimized by her reality and those around her. She became angry at her religion, spirituality, and even herself for not changing the outside circumstances.

I told her many times that she must be the expression of change before her reality changes with her. God is not going to come from the sky wave a magic wand and fix things for her.

The idea is the contrast she was experiencing was for her to grow and see just how powerful she is. To live a life with no power and feel the way she felt was an indication that she must find her strength within.

She continued this path of anger, resentment, sadness, and victimhood. Eventually she tried to take her own life and was not successful in this endeavor.

It only brought more stress to her and her family.

Years later she continues this journey, but her health had deteriorated.

She is recently going through a physical change where she has lost her voice ( some health condition that is being looked at currently), she speaks while losing her focus, and has forgotten many things.

The point of this story is? Why did she lose her voice and unable to formulate conversations? Why is her health declining?

Why is she losing touch with her reality?

She chooses to detach because she refuses to accept the truth and open up her ability to speak with forgiveness and love.

She lost her voice because she never had one energetically so she has now manifested her inability to speak.

As I write this, I am saddened by these circumstances, but I know this is a message.

I continue to pray for her clarity and self empowerment as I continue to walk in authenticity.

I felt as though I had a loss of someone alive, but was she here fully to begin with? If she was in her authenticity truly in her heart, she would have never been gone.

Also to add to this story, when those who choose to give their power away experience so much distress it affects not only the mind, body, but most importantly the gut.

Yes the stomach and it’s microbiome are affected so greatly.

Another story of my life and how this affected me directly.

Many years ago (I mentioned this before) I was in a toxic relationship where I was giving my power away. I felt as though I was giving and giving to someone else but not listening to MY OWN truth.

I spent a few years in this situation constantly fighting for respect, but I wasn’t respecting myself. I was not a vibrational match to respect since I was carrying out the vibration. 🤔 Hmm wonder where this came from? Easy, I saw my mother do it, so I joined in on the bandwagon.

Through this parasitic relationship, I got parasites! YES I actually manifested parasites!!! These parasites taught me so much of the importance of health, self respect, boundaries, and self love.

These are stories to show you how important it is to always take care of yourself whether it’s your truth, your health, or your well being.

Many people can solve so many of their health and emotional challenges by living in their truth, living in love, and taking care of their well being,

In the old Paradigm, we thought everyone comes before me. I need to make sure my loved ones are okay before myself,

Remember whenever you get on a plane, what do they say about the oxygen masks???

Put it on first before assisting others!!

In the New Paradigm, We come first, because we are not fully here if we are not taking care of our needs.

Ha this one is a little lengthy, but I do hope you get the point.

More where this came from, because I am so passionate about this

This opened up so many doors of awareness.

More to come….

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